We believe that one of the key ingredients to online success lies in strategically tapping into your customers, employees and supporters.

Rwardz is a powerful proprietary platform developed by iOPW inc. Rwardz enables business owners and organizations to unleash UGC (User Generated Content), gain online ranking and spread visibility, get leads and referrals from your customers/supporters and grow.

Rwardz is an all inclusive, complete solution where our experts assist you from on boarding to launch.

Create incentives and empower your customers and supporters to grow your business. There are many people who are happy to help you achieve success. Rwardz enables you to reach your untapped supporters and empower them to help you grow and achieve success.

Facebook, Ebay, Trip Advisor are just some of the examples of successful companies that have tapped into users to help them grow. With Rwardz, you too can benefit from user contributions.