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Bad Credit Mortgage Loans Guaranteed Approval Canada

Update: Oct 7, 2016
Bad Credit Mortgage Loans Guaranteed Approval Canada What are the main things I need to have in order to qualify for a mortgage loan through your company? Does Canadalend offer guaranteed approval if I have bad credit?

Best Fishing Spots in Ontario

Carrot Stix
Update: Sep 17, 2016
I am interested in fishing for sturgeon, carp, pike, and bass; and wanted an opinion: What are the best fishing spots for these fish in Ontario?
Pre-Sale Luxury Condos Toronto

Pre-Sale Luxury Condos Toronto

Swift Sells Toronto
Update: May 21, 2016
Pre-Sale Luxury Condos Toronto I have seen the posts and photos you have posted about designer lofts and was wondering if you had anything similar for pre-sale ...
What Do I Do if the Bank won

What Do I Do if the Bank won't Let me Refinance My Mortgage?

Update: May 20, 2016
What Do I Do if the Bank won't Let me Refinance My Mortgage? I need help, I have been having several issues and now the bank won’t let me refinance my ...
Can I Use a Home Equity Line of Credit to Pay Off my Mortgage?

Can I Use a Home Equity Line of Credit to Pay Off my Mortgage?

Second Mortgage Authority
Update: May 1, 2016
Can I Use a Home Equity Line of Credit to Pay Off my Mortgage? I have been reading a lot of mixed things about home equity lines of credit, I have heard of ...
Restaurant Remodelling Toronto

Restaurant Remodelling Toronto

Luna Interiors Ltd
Update: Apr 22, 2016
Restaurant Remodelling Toronto Hello Team, I have been saving aside to update the look of my family based restaurant in Toronto. I am now ready to begin ...

What Are “Mortgage Terms"?

Update: Jan 6, 2016
What Are “Mortgage Terms"? I am just now starting my research on mortgages and what it all entails. I am still a little confused regarding the "mortgage terms" what are they and what is the difference?

How can I save money on my mortgage?

Update: Jan 4, 2016
How can I save money on my mortgage? Is there anything I can do to ensure I am saving some money when it comes to the interest on my mortgage? What are some options that are available to me?

What should I budget for a home purchase?

Update: Dec 11, 2015
What should I budget for a home purchase? My husband and I have been discussing purchasing our first home together. We wanted to know, aside from the amount we need to leave aside for a down payment, how much we should be budgeting in for other costs that may arise? What are some examples of extr
GTA Second Mortgage Payment Plans

GTA Second Mortgage Payment Plans

The Mortgage Maven
Update: Nov 23, 2015
GTA Second Mortgage Payment Plans I was looking to get a second mortgage in order to buy a cottage up north for the weekends in the summer. I live in the GTA ...

Toronto marble slabs, home improvement project, countertops, home finishings,

Marble slabs are an elegant addition to any Toronto home, and give an impression of crisp sophistication to guests. Marble is a timeless and beautiful option dating back to ancient Greece. However, many people who are considering marble for their next home improvement project wonder if marble slabs are high mai

Granite and Marble Slabs in the GTA

We’re redoing the house we just bought and putting in a galley kitchen. Should we go with an engineered stone countertop, or should we consider spending a bit more for marble and granite slab? Does anyone in the GTA have advice for us?

Affordable Designer Eyeglasses Available at Hakim Optical

Hakim Optical
Update: Oct 29, 2015
Recently, I had trouble reading as I was straining my eyes too much. Being in university, I find myself with a lot of readings and didn’t want my eyesight to worsen. After visiting my eye doctor and receiving my prescription, I decided to visit Hakim Optical ?and they were great at helping me find affordable designer g

Stone Slab Walls in Master Bathroom

I was looking into having a stone slab wall in my master bathroom, behind my tub. However, I do not have much experience with the current design trends. What type of stone should I be looking for? Should I even be looking for a stone slab wall when the tile that I have is stone as well?


Real Life Coaching
Update: Sep 25, 2015
If I cannot mentor young adults right away until I have received my accreditation from you, how do I do my practicum?

How to Do a Modular Second Floor Addition For My House in Toronto?

Modular Home Additions Ltd
Update: Jul 23, 2015
We are considering modular home additions, to add a second floor to our single story home in Toronto. Our home is around 70 years old. My wife and I understand that the Ontario Building Code is quite extensive, and in order for us to get a permit we need to pass the building inspection. Before we invest too much into t

New House, In Need of New Windows and Doors!

Lifestyles by Barons Inc.
Update: Jul 14, 2015
Hi, we’ve just moved into our dream home. One problem – the windows and front door are at least 15 years old. We want to have an energy efficient house, and with that, energy efficient windows. We’re looking for cost effective home renovation ideas, but we do have a preference for bay windows. Also, w

Refurbished Desktops and Laptops – The Eco-Friendly Answer to Planned Obsolescence

Update: Jun 7, 2015
Let’s take a look into the past. You purchased a brand new, powerful, shiny laptop a few years ago. You were one happy customer. Fast track to today, and your computer is slow, sluggish, and all bruised up. But you’ve been taking such good care of it! Why don’t electronic products ever seem to last? I

I Need Book Binding Done in Toronto

eb image solutions
Update: Jun 6, 2015
I have just recently graduated from my Bachelor of Design program, studying environmental design. I compiled my greatest work so that I could create a portfolio for the interviews I have at several prospective firms. Does EB Image do book binding in Toronto? I have my materials ready, but I just need to print a lot of

What and How to Claim with the Help of a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Sokoloff Lawyers
Update: May 31, 2015
Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund A Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVACF) provides compensation to people who have been injured in automobile accidents, when no automobile insurance exists. These are the functions of the MVACF: *to provide statutory accident benefits to people who are involve
Applying for Income Replacement Benefits

Applying for Income Replacement Benefits

Sokoloff Lawyers
Update: May 30, 2015
Photo cred: http://steveinaspeedo.tumblr.com/ Who Are Income Replacement Benefits for? If you were employed prior to a car accident, you may be eligible for ...