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Withdrawn Charges

Pardons Canada
Update: Dec 14, 2017
A client call asking if they can ever get rid of a withdrawn charge? It was from 3.5 years ago and it's currently showing up on background checks. A withdrawn criminal charge means you were found not guilty, which is good. However, because he was fingerprinted by the police, his name can still be seen on a

Entering the United States with a Pardon

Pardons Canada
Update: Aug 11, 2017
A client mentioned that her husband had a Pardon and had never tried to cross into the USA while he had a criminal record. They are planning a family trip and wondered if he needs a Waiver. The answer is no. He would only need a US Entry Waiver (I 192) if he was actually denied entry to the US. Since her husband

Vulnerable Sector Search

Pardons Canada
Update: Dec 2, 2016
Vulnerable Sector Search I received this inquiry the other day from a client: Approximately 13yrs ago i was charged with criminal harassment, the case went to court and I was given an absolute discharge, I have never really had any problems getting into the USA or employment or anything but whe