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Victim Fine Surcharge Effects Eligibility If Not Paid

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Update: Aug 29, 2017
Victim fine surcharges are defined as follows: The federal victim surcharge, imposed on offenders at the time of sentencing, is used by provinces and territories to help fund programs and services for victims of crime. The surcharges are mandatory in cases when the sentencing judge does not impose a fine.

Denied at the US Border

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Update: Aug 16, 2017
Q- I got a Pardon a few years back now and was wanting to travel to the states but I'm scared that I'm going to get denied at the border. A-If you have never been stopped at the US border in the past and then you receive a Pardon or Record Suspension you are likely safe to travel. The Americans look at a C

Drinking and Driving Charge

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Update: Jun 5, 2017
Q - I am applying to have my DUI removed. I have filled out all the required paperwork and am at the final stages of the process and then I saw that I have a "withdrawn" possession charge on there. I was wondering if I have to do something separate to get rid of that because I need a clean record to apply fo

Misinformation of US Entry Waiver Requirements

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Update: Apr 4, 2017
I deal with many clients every day and have unfortunately seen this situation one too many times: A client’s wife originally called me angry because when they tried to submit her husband’s waiver application the Calgary border guards at the airport told her a waiver is not needed for one conviction (