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Criminal Record from 20 years ago

Pardons Canada
Update: Aug 23, 2017
Q- I have a Pardon for a DUI conviction more then 20 years ago. If my employer asked me about it what can I legally say? Can I say I do not have a criminal record? A- Once a Pardon is granted then your criminal record can not be seen by the public so you do not have to say anything. Also, most of the time

Pardons Canada, Flooded with Questions About Trumps Confusing Travel Bans

Pardons Canada
Update: Mar 1, 2017
As a recognized authority, Pardons Canada is frequently contacted by the media, government, and private agencies to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the current pardon/record suspension, file destructions, RCMP purges, and United States Entry Waivers. No one understands the process, system, and bure