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Travel to US with a Pardon

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Update: Sep 12, 2017
A client contacted us and said they have a pardon that they was granted 13 years ago. They have traveled to the US many times and the last time they was asked if they had ever been arrested. Because the offense was pardoned they said "no" and was let in.They were wondering if this is an issue. The American

Propose to Deny from Parole Board of Canada

Pardons Canada
Update: May 30, 2017
A typical experience I have with clients revolves around applicants receiving the "Proposal to Deny" responses from the Parole Board of Canada (PBC). The typical response from many applicants, especially when the situation revolves around a charge that was dismissed or withdrawn, is that because they weren't fou

Applying for a job with a withdrawn charge

Pardons Canada
Update: Mar 28, 2017
Q - I found this question on a job application "Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense for which no pardon has been granted?" If an individual has had their criminal charges withdrawn can this individual select "no" when answering this question? Is disclosure of criminal charges necessary? Th

Where can I travel to while I'm awaiting my Pardon/Record Suspension

Pardons Canada
Update: Jan 4, 2017
I spoke to a client today who is in the process of getting a Pardon/Record Suspension but wanted to know what countries he and his wife could travel to this winter where his criminal record won't be an issue. I let him know that as far as we know it's only the Americans that have access to our RCMP or CPIC fi