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Non Conviction for 2 charges

Pardons Canada
Update: Sep 22, 2017
A client reached out and told us he had 2 criminal charges dropped back in 2011. When he got a criminal check, even though they were dropped, they still show on the record. He wanted to know how to remove them. I told him that even though the criminal charges were dropped or withdrawn or dismissed, it can s

Vulnerable Sector Checks

Pardons Canada
Update: Aug 14, 2017
Last week I had a client who got his Record Suspension granted a few months ago. However, when he went to apply to coach his son’s soccer team recently they denied his volunteer application due to a vulnerable sector check. We discussed this and how even though the Parole Board of Canada had granted

Entering the US with fingerprints on file at local Canadian police service

Pardons Canada
Update: Dec 8, 2016
A client emailed saying they had been fingerprinted before for a criminal charge, but 6 months ago was able to get a file destruction from Pardons Canada (they had no criminal convictions). They travelled to the US many times since and have never been questioned. But when they went to the US a few days ago and th