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Markham Green Golf Club

Update: Jan 28, 2016
“It’s always Twilite!!” at Markham Green Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm. Your rate is $28 Regular rate is $38 Restrictions: Walking rate; power cart may be purchased at additional cost. Holidays excluded Can’t be combined with any other offer/promotion Maximum

March Break Cuba Cruises

Cuba Cruise Inc
Update: Jan 6, 2016
March Break Cuba Cruises I need a Holiday! Do you have any specials for March break? Thanks
Best headset I have ever owned

Best headset I have ever owned

Rwardz Invite
Update: Nov 13, 2015
Went to Paris last month and decided to purchase a headset for the trip. I debated between the sound cancelling and the traditional around the ear. I went with ...
Pool and Waterfall- Quality product

Pool and Waterfall- Quality product

Rwardz Invite
Update: Nov 9, 2015
After considering many different pool companies, I decided to go with Pool Craft out of Richmond Hill. A decision with no regrets. Their response time, support ...

Feeling like I need a new work out routine for the gym.

Crazy Ripped Apparel
Update: May 19, 2015
Does anyone know of a good coach to help me get fit at the gym? I need to work on my stomach and cardio... Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks JC

Bathroom Tile

Im going to renovate one of my bathrooms next week. Do you have a selection of tiles that are appropriate for bathrooms? Thanks J

Proud of our Police

The Toronto Challenge
Update: Apr 13, 2015
It is always makes me proud to see our local police officers support worthy causes. The Toronto Challenge is coming through my Ward soon and I will be there to support George and his team of volunteers! Well done guys!

Body Beast

Crazy Ripped Apparel
Update: Apr 7, 2015
I just started Body Beast- Im on day 7 and feel great. The reason for my post is simple- what the heck is with leg day in work outs... !!! I might never to legs again- lol. Super tough yet it seems so simple. Does anyone have any tricks they want to offer up? How to recover? Ho

Happy Kids are easier to feed than grumpy sad kids!

iOPW Photo Share
Update: Oct 13, 2014
Make sure you make your kids laugh before you try and place them in theior highchair! If you dont, they throw their food and dishes and you spend more time cleaning the floors!!