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Best Duct Cleaning Thornhill

Duct Cleaning Depot
Update: Nov 29, 2017
I am looking for the best Duct cleaning company in Thornhill. I have called a few companies that I found online and the estimates I got seem to vary so much. Can you please tell me what makes Duct Cleaning Depot different from the other companies? Sincerely, Thornhill Home Owner

what does a boiler service consist of

The Boiler Guys
Update: Nov 7, 2017
Hi Boiler Guys, I recently purchased an older home that has a boiler. I have never had experience owing a home with a boiler before but I was told it should be serviced. My question to you is what does a boiler service consist of. Thanks for your help. M.

Where is the best place to invest in diamonds?

Rare Diamond Investor
Update: Oct 26, 2017
Hi there I am considering investing in rare diamonds but have no idea where to get started. How long have you guys been in business and where are you located?

CRA Debt Settlement

Money Consultants Ltd
Update: Sep 22, 2017
I am thinking about bankrupting or closing my business because of the demands that CRA is making on my business for repayment of tax arrears. If I repay the CRA under their repayment schedule, I will be forced to choose between paying my employees or my suppliers or my bank, because I do not have the funds to pay every

Marla Tennen Reviews

Marla Tennen
Update: Sep 12, 2017
What differentiates Marla and her team is that she is a registered nurse and she provides credible and indefensible reports. You care about the individuals that you meet. In addition your cost of service is very reasonable. We will be sure you work with you in the future for our clients as well as we are happy to recom

Rare Diamond Investor Reviews

Rare Diamond Investor
Update: Aug 15, 2017
Choosing companies to invest in is never easy is this day and age. There are lots of options and everyone had conflicting advice. I recently wanted to diversify my portfolio and try investing in Rare Diamonds. Not only am I happy with the appreciation in my investment I am so happy that I chose to work with Rare Diamon

Money Consultants Reviews

Money Consultants Ltd
Update: Aug 1, 2017
Thank you Money Consultants!! As an owner of a restaurant it was a Thursday afternoon when the bank let me know that they received a garnishment notice from the CRA. This meant that I would not be able to pay pay roll or suppliers. Money Consultants not only had the garnishment removed within 5 days but they had CRA le

Criminal defense lawyer for Marijuana possession

Hi there, I was recently charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. I am out on bail and need a defense lawyer with experience in drug related charges. Can you help I am in Markham.

Valleys of Thornhill prices

Bram Sandow
Update: May 18, 2017
The market seems to be recovering and slowing down a bit. have you started to see the average price of a home in the Valleys of Thornhill start to decline?

can CRA freeze my business accounts without notice

Money Consultants Ltd
Update: May 12, 2017
Hi MoneyConsultants, I am in the restaurant business and I have HST arrears. I made an arrangement with a payment schedule to repay CRA which I have mostly followed. But yesterday my bank called me to say my accounts have been garnished by the CRA without notice. If i don't get the garnishment released i wont be

Maternity dresses for weddings

Seven Women Maternity
Update: May 5, 2017
Hi Seven Women, my wife has 3 weddings this coming summer and is pregnant. I would like to surprise her and buy her a few formal maternity dresses that she will really love. Most of the maternity clothes I am finding online do not have any formal wear. Do you guys have formal maternity dresses for weddings. 

Rosseau Lake College Open House dates

Rosseau Lake College
Update: May 2, 2017
Hi There do you have any upcoming open houses scheduled for Rosseau Lake College? Do we need to register for an open house or just show up? thanks.

Magical Credit Reviews

Magical Credit
Update: Apr 10, 2017
Magical Credit Reviews Thanks so much for helping where everyone else couldn't Your loan helped me get back on track.

Open houses Thornhill Valleys

Bram Sandow
Update: Mar 28, 2017
Any good open houses coming up in the Thornhill Valleys over the next few weekends that you know about? thanks

Skin Care treatment North York

Radiant Skin Clinic - Dr. Herman
Update: Mar 23, 2017
Hi there is your clinic accepting new patients? I live in the North York area so your clinic would be ideal for me and family to go to for skin care related issues.

Threat of Garnishment

Money Consultants Ltd
Update: Mar 16, 2017
CRA is threatening to garnish my business if I do not pay back the money I owe in 6 months. There is no way that I can pay that amount back that quickly. Is there anything that you can help me with?

Property Taxes Valleys of Thornhill

Bram Sandow
Update: Mar 9, 2017
Hi Bram, As you know we have started looking for a house in the Valleys of Thornhill. What is the average property tax for a detached home in the 2500 to 300 sq foot range.

French Immersion School Valleys of Thornhill

Bram Sandow
Update: Mar 9, 2017
Are there any public french immersion schools in or near the Valleys of Thornhill?

New construction homes in Valleys of Thornhill

Bram Sandow
Update: Mar 1, 2017
Hi Bram, Love this interactive site of yours!! Quick question for you; are there any new developments/new construction homes coming up for sale in the Valleys of Thornhill in the next year or so? Thanks.

school zoning for the Valleys of Thornhill

Bram Sandow
Update: Mar 1, 2017
where can I find the most up to date map showing which streets in the Valleys of Thornhill are zoned for which public school. cheers.

Extracurricular Math Programs

Spirit of Math
Update: Feb 3, 2017
Hi Spirit of Math, My child is very strong in math and finds herself bored in math class as she is not being challenged. She is in grad 5 and even when I give her math problems from a Grad 6 or 7 level she is able to easily solve them. Does your program help kids who excel in math or is your program more remedial? &nbs

Spirit of Math Rocks

Spirit of Math
Update: Jan 26, 2017
Both of my kids love your program in Vancouver. They are both math geniuses and were not being challenged enough in their school. So happy we found Spirit of Math!
Value of a yard pool

Value of a yard pool

Michael Steinman
Update: Jan 20, 2017
Hi Michael, thinking of adding a pool in our backyard. will this positively impact resale price on our house.

how to get better gas mileage in a diesel truck

Motor Ops
Update: Jan 18, 2017
I love my Dodge Ram!! It has a 6.7 cummins Turbo Diesel which has tons of power but it drinks fuel like its day job. Do you have any tuner products that can help me save gas when and maybe get a little more power out if it? 2008 Cummins 6.7 Mega Cab on 37s cheers.

Truck Pulling Competitions Ontario

Motor Ops
Update: Jan 17, 2017
Hi Motor Ops, I have always been a fan of truck pulling competitions. But now that I have a Duramax of my own I don't want to be on the sidelines anymore. How can I take my daily driver and get her ready for some truck pulling competitions without burning up her transmission or breaking something else. th
Lightest 7 foot fishing rod

Lightest 7 foot fishing rod

Carrot Stix
Update: Jan 11, 2017
Lightest 7 foot fishing rod So happy I went with the 7 foot fishing rod from Carrot Stix. The model I got is the Gen X Elite. This is truly the best rod ...

Any homes in Thornhill Woods under 1 million?

Michael Steinman
Update: Jan 9, 2017
Hi Mark, Happy New Year! Thank you for the question. In short, yes there are some options for houses in Thornhill Woods for under one million dollars, but you aren't going to find a lot. In fact, right now there isn't a single house in the area for under that amount. I expect the market to pick up ov

Fashionable Maternity Clothing

Seven Women Maternity
Update: Jan 9, 2017
Hi Stephanie, I am 3 months pregnant and starting to not fit into my work clothes. I need to keep up my fashion image but with maternity clothes. What do you suggest are the maternity wardrobe essentials that will last throughout my pregnancy. Thanks
Best Custom USB Drives

Best Custom USB Drives

USB Direct
Update: Jan 6, 2017
Best Custom USB Drives Love these USB Drives, some of the best designs I have ever seen. USB Direct offers some of the most unique USB drives and devices ...

Designer Maternity Jeans sale

Seven Women Maternity
Update: Dec 1, 2016
Hi Seven Women, do you have any designer maternity jeans for sale this holiday season?