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Best boiler installers Toronto

The Boiler Guys
Update: Nov 7, 2017
I was searching for the best company in Toronto to install a new boiler in my house because enercare told us we needed to replace our boiler with a new one. I am so happy I came across The Boiler Guys. Ali and Mike came in and let us know that in fact our Boiler was just fine and all it needed was a detailed cleaning s

defense lawyer for drug charges Markham

Hi, my son is a good kid, but he got mixed up with the wrong crowd and has gotten himself into some trouble with the law. He is in a situation which involves drugs, and I’m looking for a lawyer who can help us. My son is under 18 and I didn’t even realize he could be charged like this at this age. Wit

Future Care Cost Reports for Personal Injury Law Firms

Marla Tennen
Update: Sep 12, 2017
Do you provide future care cost reports for personal injury law firms in Toronto?

Money Consultants Reviews

Money Consultants Ltd
Update: Sep 6, 2017
As a small business owner I was bullied by the CRA into a tax repayment schedule I could not afford. Eventually I started missing some payments and CRA threatened to garnish my bank account unless I got back on track. Glad I called Money Consultants as within 2 short weeks they rearranged a payment schedule that my bus

is investing in diamonds a good idea

Rare Diamond Investor
Update: Aug 15, 2017
Hi there, I recently heard about the idea to consider rare diamonds as a good idea to invest in. Traditionally I have had a good mix of natural resources in my investment portfolio such as Gold, Oil & Gas etc but I have never considered investing in diamonds. Hoping you can share your insights.
Investing in diamonds vs gold

Investing in diamonds vs gold

Rare Diamond Investor
Update: Jul 20, 2017
I have long been an investor in gold but have recently heard that Rare Diamonds have been out performing gold from an investment stand point. Can you please explain ...
Blow dry hair services in Etobicoke

Blow dry hair services in Etobicoke

Studio 3
Update: Jul 14, 2017
Hi Studio 3 salon, I have recently moved to Etobicoke and I am looking for a great local salon. This weekend I have 2 events and I will need to book a blow dry ...

best acne scar creams Toronto

Radiant Skin Clinic - Dr. Herman
Update: Jun 13, 2017
Hi Radiant Skin, My acne years are behind me but unfortunately the battle wounds, in the form of remaining acne scars are still evident. Can you recommend any over the counter creams that are the best way to remove acne scars. I live in the GTA so please let me know which retailers carry the acne scar removal cr

Experienced criminal defense lawyer in Markham

Hi there my friend is in dire need of a criminal defense lawyer in Markham. Are you accepting new clients? how much do you typically cost?

what to do when the CRA is demanding money

Money Consultants Ltd
Update: May 6, 2017
I owe the government HST and source money. The CRA wants me to borrow money by taking out a second mortgage on my house or borrow money from family and friends two things which I do not want to do but I did tell them I would look into it. Since saying that I would look into it, they have not stopped pressuring me

Best Acne treatment Toronto

Radiant Skin Clinic - Dr. Herman
Update: Mar 23, 2017
Hi Radiant Skin, After trying numerous over the counter acne treatment nothing seems to be working. I am looking for the best Acne treatment in the city. What makes your approach different? what is your success rate? Thanks I look forward to receiving your response.

Best Acne treatment Toronto

Radiant Skin Clinic - Dr. Herman
Update: Mar 23, 2017
If you come to the Radiant Skin Care Clinic you will likely see the typical results which we deliver for our clients. You may have tried many different remedies and recommendations from your dermatologist but nothing was working to cure your acne. However we often see results within 4 months of coming to see us. Dr. He

best agent valleys of thornhill

Bram Sandow
Update: Mar 21, 2017
If you are looking for an honest, knowledgeable, non-pushy real estate agent on the Valleys of Thornhill then look no further than Bram Sandow. His in depth knowledge of the area is paramount and he is not afraid to give his honest opinion about a street or property even if it means you will walk away from that listing

Thornhill Woods homes for sale

Michael Steinman
Update: Mar 16, 2017
Hi Michael, any new listings coming up in Thornhill Woods? It seems by the time they hit they are already sold. Do you have any new listings coming up that you can let us know about? thanks

Walk in Acne Clinic Toronto

Radiant Skin Clinic - Dr. Herman
Update: Mar 12, 2017
Hi Radiant Skin Clinic, do you have walk-in hours or do you operate by appointment only?

Do I need a referral for skin treatment in Toronto?

Radiant Skin Clinic - Dr. Herman
Update: Mar 12, 2017
Do I need a referral for skin treatment in Toronto? Do I need to get a referral from my GP to get an appointment in your acne clinic? thanks

Valleys of Thornhill vs Thornhill Woods

Bram Sandow
Update: Mar 1, 2017
My wife and I are looking to move into Thornhill Woods or The Valleys of Thornhill. From the listings we have come across, it seems that homes in The Valleys of Thornhill are priced quite a bit higher than those in the woods. Can you give me some insights into why is it that as soon as I cross north of Rutherford that

Math Competitions Vancouver

Spirit of Math
Update: Jan 26, 2017
My daughter is quite the math genius and she wants to start competing in math competitions. Does Spirit of Math have experience in helping kids get ready for a math competition? Also do you know of any good math competitions that occur in the Vancouver area? Cheers, Mike. S

How to increase horsepower on my truck

Motor Ops
Update: Jan 19, 2017
Hi Motor Ops, Looking to get some more ponies out of my '05 GMC Sierra without spending too much. My goal is to get a little more speed on the lower end. thanks

Seven Women Reviews

Seven Women Maternity
Update: Jan 9, 2017
Thank you so much Seven Women for helping me pick out the perfect maternity clothes for my wife for a holiday present. You have a great line to choose from and your expertise in helping me ensure the best fit for my wife was vital. I know she is going to love her new maternity clothes and I can;t wait to give them to h

Pardons Canada Reviews

Pardons Canada
Update: Jan 5, 2017
So happy that I chose to have the Pardons Canada team help me with the process of obtaining my pardons. Now that I am older and the past is well behind me I am looking forward to having my record cleared. The Pardons Canada team has been excellent in explaining everything to me and keep me in the loop through every ste
Should my humidifier be hooked up to cold or warm water?

Should my humidifier be hooked up to cold or warm water?

Waterworks Plumbing
Update: Oct 26, 2016
Should my humidifier be hooked up to cold or warm water? Hi Waterworks, I am installing a humidifier to my furnace. Should I hook it up to cold or warm water? ...

Thornhill Woods school reviews

Michael Steinman
Update: Sep 20, 2016
Hi Michael, Do you know how the three public schools in the woods compare with each other? Is one better than another? Thanks

High Rise in Thornhill Woods

Michael Steinman
Update: Sep 17, 2016
Hi Michael is there any update with regards to the planned high rise build in Thornhill woods? do you think if it does go through that it will affect real estate prices positively or negatively? thanks

Thornhill Woods homes for under a million

Michael Steinman
Update: Sep 16, 2016
Seems like every detached house in Thornhill Woods and even Thornhill is going for north of 1 million dollars these days. What can one get for under a mill? anything?? do you think these prices are crazy or is it just me?

best sushi in Thornhill Woods

Michael Steinman
Update: Sep 15, 2016
Hi Michael thanks again for helping us buy our new home in Thornhiil Woods. Where is the best Sushi place in the area? looking for suggestions, thanks!

Carrot Stix Carbon nano fiber rods

Carrot Stix
Update: Sep 14, 2016
Did you know that the name Carrot Stix came from the Word NANO CELLULOSE BIO FIBERS? Well its True, because these Bio Fibres (that are used to make the Fishing Rod Tighter and more Responsive) actually come from real Carrots ! Thus the Name Carrot Stix! You see these Fibers add to the bonding matrix to create a Supe

how to choose a jigging rod

Carrot Stix
Update: Sep 14, 2016
Hi there when I fish I tend to do mostly jigging so I am looking for a new rod that is light and has a great feel. I saw your Carrot Stix jigging rods in the store a

Carrot Stix is my Reel recommendation

Carrot Stix
Update: Sep 14, 2016
What reel do you think is best suited for my wild wild Carrot Stix rod? Jeff

inflated home values in the woods

Michael Steinman
Update: Sep 14, 2016
Is there a rough % drop in the cost of home just on the other side (west) of Dufferin? Seems as though these days the prices which houses are selling for in the woods is getting crazy. I have heard townhouses go for over 1 mill!! thanks